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Qt Creator 5.13

Creates applications for desktop and mobile devices
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Develop programs for computers, tablets and smartphones in the integrated development environment compatible with C++, QML and ECMA scripts. The tool features static code checking and style hints, syntax highlighting and code completion, provided in real time.

Qt Creator is an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Qt application framework. As it is intended to create visual applications, it can be used to develop both graphical user interfaces and the underlying code. Moreover, since the application can be used on multiple platforms, it is extremely helpful with providing a common environment for developers who are working together but use different operating systems. Luckily, its source code is available for modification and compilation to be used on practically any operating system.

Regardless of the logical difficulties involved in programming, Qt Creator allows developers to start a new project with relative ease because a wizard takes you through the steps necessary for setting it successfully. Therefore, such repetitive, bothersome or complex tasks, as creating headers, source files, user interface descriptions and project files, are automatically carried out. Moreover, the process of writing the code is facilitated by such handy features as syntax highlighting, code completion, syntax checking, error marking, automatic indentation and code folding. Finally, it contributes to make team work easier by helping maintain and support code readability.

In general, Qt Creator is one of the most popular IDE among software programmers and designers because it allows them to create easy-to-use interfaces, such as those commonly used on various types of portable devices.

Pedro Castro
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  • t is relatively easy to use
  • It is cross-platform
  • It automates bothersome tasks
  • It provides various features that facilitate code writing


  • It is not intended for inexperienced users
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